• General Calls for Proposal 2017
  • Project Title Name of Organisation Amount Approved
    Health promotion among sex workers Copy Parapli Rouz (NCSRF/2017/0124) Rs 609,000
    Refurbishment of Asbestos houses Mouvement Forces-Vives Quartier E.D.C Rose Belle (NCSRF/2017/0178) Rs 382,543
    Empowering parents and promoting effective communication within the family Institut de Mediation Educative (NCSRF/2017/0621) Rs 525,000
    Promote inclusion and development of vulnerable citizens of Mauritius with multiple and severe disabilities and support their families Association de Parents d’enfants inadaptée de L’île Maurice(APEIM) (NCSRF/2017/0061) Rs 424,522
    Support to Biological Agriculture Project Association de Parents d’enfants inadaptée de L’île Maurice(APEIM) (NCSRF/2017/0061) Rs 1,413,635
    Vocational rehabilitation for moderate to severe intellectually disabled young adults Association de Parents d’enfants inadaptée de L’île Maurice(APEIM) (NCSRF/2017/0061) Rs 2,476,917
    Running of early childhood centre-Albion for children 0-8 years Fondation pour L'Enfance - Terre de Paix (NCSRF/2017/0001) Rs 1,404,150
    Running of jardin d’eveil Fondation pour L'Enfance - Terre de Paix (NCSRF/2017/0001) Rs 295,734
    Running early childhood centre-women prison for children aged 0-5 years Fondation pour L'Enfance - Terre de Paix (NCSRF/2017/0001) Rs 391,495
    Running of early childhood centre – Grand Bay for children aged 0-3 years Fondation pour L'Enfance - Terre de Paix (NCSRF/2017/0001) Rs 1,248,887
    Running of early childhood centre – Flacq for children aged 0-3 years Fondation pour L'Enfance - Terre de Paix (NCSRF/2017/0001) Rs 1,232,588
    Running of residential services for children who have been removed from their hostile environment Fondation pour L'Enfance - Terre de Paix (NCSRF/2017/0001) Rs 1,103,125
    JA Ourselves Junior Achievement Mascareignes (NCSRF/2017/0159) Rs 639,455
    JA Our families Junior Achievement Mascareignes (NCSRF/2017/0159) Rs 639,435
    JA More than money Junior Achievement Mascareignes (NCSRF/2017/0159) Rs 626,835
    JA Mascareignes Environmental Conscious Entrepreneurship Junior Achievement Mascareignes (NCSRF/2017/0159) Rs 156,255
    JA Our City Junior Achievement Mascareignes (NCSRF/2017/0159) Rs 640,435
    JA Mascareignes Managing your money smartly Junior Achievement Mascareignes (NCSRF/2017/0159) Rs 548,685
    JA Success Skills Junior Achievement Mascareignes (NCSRF/2017/0159) Rs 652,035
    JA Career success Junior Achievement Mascareignes (NCSRF/2017/0159) Rs 760,435
    JA Mascareignes Leadership Talk Junior Achievement Mascareignes (NCSRF/2017/0159) Rs 260,855
    Complete decongestive therapy for cancer patients suffering from lymphoedema Link to Life (NCSRF/2017/0116) Rs 400,000
    Promoting the integral development of out-of-school adolescents in ANFEN Adolescent Non-Formal Education Network (ANFEN) (NCSRF/2017/0062) Rs 336,547
    Upgrading “les abeilles” child day care centre facilities to promote female employment and prevent absolute poverty SOS Poverty (NCSRF/2017/0132) Rs 456,000
    The reintegration of children in street situation and at risk in the society through cycling in Riviere Noire and Mahebourg SAFIRE - Service D'Accompagnement de Formation, d'Integration et de la Rehabilitation de L'Enfant (NCSRF/2017/0433) Rs 1,766,834
    Assisting Joie de Vivre in gardening project Atelier de Formation Joie de Vivre (NCSRF/2017/0141) Rs 99,000
    Sustaining the activities of latelier lamizik ABAIM (NCSRF/2017/0007) Rs 438,150
    Upgrading and running of workshop ABAIM (NCSRF/2017/0007) Rs 644,690
    Programme for the fight against amputation of the diabetic foot Association pour la Promotion pour la Sante (APSA International) (NCSRF/2017/0067) Rs 934,199
    Foot Care Karavan Association pour la Promotion pour la Sante (APSA International) (NCSRF/2017/0067) Rs 606,308
    Centre d’Ecoute au sein de certains colleges a l’ile Maurice Action for Integral Human Development (NCSRF/2017/0263) Rs 1,952,160
    Counselling sessions for Muscular Dystrophy sufferers Muscular Dystrophy Association (NCSRF/2017/0122) Rs 276,000
    Home-Based Occupational Therapy (OT) for 30 Muscular Dystrophy Sufferers Muscular Dystrophy Association (NCSRF/2017/0122) Rs 414,000
    Rabita Pre-Vocational School Muslim Educational Society (NCSRF/2017/0004) Rs 542,225
    Managing Non Communicable and Communicable diseases through Ayurveda and Yoga scientific awareness workshops Mauritius Education Development Association- Meda Ayur Yoga Peetha (NCSRF/2017/0402) Rs 260,613
    Ekleraz Youth Sceal (NCSRF/2017/0496) Rs 400,000
    Soroptimist Tilapia IT Enhancement Program for children Phase II Soroptimist International IPSAE (Mauritius) (NCSRF/2017/0488) Rs 1,248,000
    Repair and maintenance of existing pool of motorised wheelchairs Muscular Dystrophy Association (NCSRF/2017/0122) Rs 290,651
    Management of Variable Positive Airway Pressure (VPAP) devices, purchase of spares for the VPAP’s, Medical monitoring and consultation for beneficiaries Muscular Dystrophy Association (NCSRF/2017/0122) Rs 313,438
    Strengthening of the main LGBT organisation to better support the stigmatised LGBT community in Mauritius Collectif Arc en Ciel (CAEC) (NCSRF/2017/0151) Rs 458,000
    Treatment, care and support to Children and Teenagers living with HIV Prevention Information et Lutte contre le Sida (PILS) (NCSRF/2017/0125) Rs 485,600
    Renovation of Wood Workshop FONDATION GEORGES CHARLES (NCSRF/2017/0343) Rs 889,973
    Information and awareness raising PEDOSTOP (NCSRF/2017/0170) Rs 230,000
    Alleviation of poverty in Rodrigues through on the job training prana life (NCSRF/2017/0158) Rs 1,350,000
    Empowering poor/ vulnerable people through capacity building Mauritius Council of Social Service (MACOSS) (NCSRF/2017/0401) Rs 575,000
    The setting up and running of therapy centre for adults with mental impairment. Joie de Vivre Universelle (NCSRF/2017/0364) Rs 754,975
    Consolidation of human rights education centre Droits Humains Ocean Indien (DIS-MOI) (NCSRF/2017/0108) Rs 307,000
    Empowering the youth for a fruitful development Association Kinouété (NCSRF/2017/0287) Rs 2,209,000
    Promoting the integral development of out-of -school adolescents in ANFEN through football Adolescent Non-Formal Education Network (ANFEN) (NCSRF/2017/0062) Rs 275,000
    Jaipur Foot Centre Rehabilitation Rodrigues The Global Rainbow Foundation (NCSRF/2017/0457) Rs 500,000
    Providing quality residential care and therapy to 28 abused children including those with disabilities Centre d'Education et de Development pour les Enfants Mauricien (CEDEM) (NCSRF/2017/0101) Rs 672,000
    Assisting Joie de Vivre in alphabetisation project Atelier de Formation Joie de Vivre (NCSRF/2017/0141) Rs 520,000
    Rehabilitation, Economic Empowerment and social reintegration of vulnerable/ homeless female in the mainstream Association Pour Personnes En larmes (A.P.P.E.L) (NCSRF/2017/0148) Rs 495,000
    An Integrated Learning Programme to support children’s (aged 3-14) continuous basic education SOS Poverty (NCSRF/2017/0132) Rs 776,250
    Psychological support/services to cancer patients from vulnerable group Link to Life (NCSRF/2017/0116) Rs 225,000
    Sustaining the activities of the Sunday Care project Le Morne ABAIM (NCSRF/2017/0007) Rs 294,495
    Neuro Rehabilitation Association pour la Promotion pour la Sante (APSA International) (NCSRF/2017/0067) Rs 401,113
    Social Entrepreneurship through agriculture,farming and organizing leisure and sports activities Rodrigues Student Needs Association (NCSRF/2017/0503) Rs 1,662,500
    Ecole specialisée La Courte Echelle Association La Courte Echelle du Nord (NCSRF/2017/0288) Rs 437,299
    Social mobility through education Les Amis d'Agalega (NCSRF/2017/0659) Rs 631,900
    Training of poverty-stricken youth for employment in the bakery industry Noyau Social de la Cite La Cure (NCSRF/2017/0418) Rs 552,000
    A better education through various activities and a sustainable program for physically and mentally disabled children Association Jeunes Inadaptes de Curepipe (NCSRF/2017/0285) Rs 684,000
    Aide aux familles démunies Mouvement pour le Bien-Etre Integral des Habitants de Baie du Tombeau (NCSRF/2017/0518) Rs 400,000
    Child of Light Wakajishi Academy (NCSRF/2017/0631) Rs 309,800
    Angel of Hope Organisation Communautaire Cite Jonction Pailles (NCSRF/2017/0419) Rs 450,000
    Community empowerment and welfare MAURITIUS MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD-(Fraternite Musulmane Ward 1V de L`ile Maurice) (NCSRF/2017/0588) Rs 1,375,000
    Cutting from bad habits Cercle de Roche Bois (NCSRF/2017/0311) Rs 493,000
    Detection of cardio vascular diseases and related diseases and sensitization campaign Mauritius Heart Foundation (NCSRF/2017/0403) Rs 810,285
    Development through reducing recidivism of detainees and ex-detainees Association Kinouété (NCSRF/2017/0287) Rs 1,400,000
    Education support and training for students through Ayurveda and yoga scientific workshops Mauritius Education Development Association- Meda Ayur Yoga Peetha (NCSRF/2017/0402) Rs 406,400
    Empower women and children Association Ensam (NCSRF/2017/0630) Rs 390,000
    Empowerment of people in difficult situations Les Amis de Montfort (NCSRF/2017/0378) Rs 320,000
    Enhancing basic skills of children with special needs to achieve their vocational potential Association des Parents D’Enfants aux Besoins Spéciaux (APEBS) (NCSRF/2017/0281) Rs 43,250
    Extra activities funding Association Paille en Queue (NCSRF/2017/0292) Rs 909,505
    Flamboyant Education Centre SOROPTIMIST INTERNATIONAL CLUB PORT-LOUIS (NCSRF/2017/0536) Rs 1,200,000
    Freedom of learning Association Feminine Pour Saisir L'Avenir (NCSRF/2017/0638) Rs 184,800
    Home-based care project Association A.I.L.E.S (Aides, Infos, Liberte, Espoir et Solidarite) (NCSRF/2017/0273) Rs 1,624,000
    ICT training for disabled youth FONDATION GEORGES CHARLES (NCSRF/2017/0343) Rs 324,000
    Improve the living conditions of disabled children through services provided by Education & Therapy Centrer Education and Therapy Centre (NCSRF/2017/0512) Rs 540,534
    Les Amis de Zippy Action for Integral Human Development (NCSRF/2017/0263) Rs 1,190,540
    National cohesion and peace building initiative Council of Religions (NCSRF/2017/0482) Rs 1,155,000
    Breaking the cycle of poverty and ensuring a bright future for vulnerable children and young people YUVA (NCSRF/2017/0491) Rs 975,000
    Offering free afternoon and week end follow-up classes to needy and academically retarded students of primary school Association Pour l’Education des Enfants Défavorisés (NCSRF/2017/0295) Rs 629,740
    Ongoing literacy and numeracy skills Association Etoile de Mer (NCSRF/2017/0284) Rs 960,000
    Project to implement manzer partazer system in the Cite Bois Marchand and Terre Rouge area Falcon Citizen League (NCSRF/2017/0336) Rs 281,000
    Recreational and Training centre Groupement (FIAPA) Federation Internationale des Association des Personnes Agees (NCSRF/2017/0354) Rs 365,400
    Reducing HIV and other blood-borne viruses through a mobile caravan unit for people who inject drugs and their sexual partners Collectif Urgence Toxida (NCSRF/2017/0318) Rs 1,209,938
    Therapeutic education to empower Type 1 Diabetics T1 Diams (NCSRF/2017/0451) Rs 1,262,244
    Renewal of beddings Human Service Trust (NCSRF/2017/0484) Rs 795,192
    Running a specialised care centre for twenty abandoned children with disabilities Association Pour Les Handicapés de Malherbes (NCSRF/2017/0297) Rs 840,000
    Sailing towards poverty alleviation POINTE JEROME SAILING SCHOOL AND CLUB (NCSRF/2017/0633) Rs 1,590,000
    Scolarisation Mixite Sociale Anges du Soleil ONG (NCSRF/2017/0269) Rs 720,000
    A new hope for children in street children situation and marginalised families in Mauritius SAFIRE - Service D'Accompagnement de Formation, d'Integration et de la Rehabilitation de L'Enfant (NCSRF/2017/0433) Rs 3,000,000
    Setting up of Remedial classes for supporting slow learners Destiny Community Foundation (NCSRF/2017/0529) Rs 546,000
    Stronger families, stronger communities Soleil de L'Ouest (NCSRF/2017/0444) Rs 1,136,328
    The amelioration of the centre and the lives of the children Foyer Pere Laval (NCSRF/2017/0347) Rs 589,892
    The training of TIC Ambassadors in different regions of Mauritius Teens In Control Organisation (NCSRF/2017/0582) Rs 926,500
    To increase the income generating capacity and improve welfare of the low-income families of the targeted poor/vulnerable regions through women empowerment The Aaleemee Society (NCSRF/2017/0453) Rs 600,000
    Women empowerment through eco-friendly entrepreneurship and conservation of bio-diversity Entreprendre Au Feminin Ocean Indien (EFOI) (NCSRF/2017/0332) Rs 916,480
    Women Entrepreneurship Assistance Programme Kolektif Rivier Nwar (NCSRF/2017/0368) Rs 1,015,000
    Training in Self Development and Basic Social skills/Responsibilities for Youth Comite Bienetre Stanley Camp le Vieux & Trefles (NCSRF/2017/0319) Rs 136,710
    Upgrading of Day Care Centre Mauritius Islamic Mission (NCSRF/2017/0639) Rs 385,809
    Resource and Day care Centre Association Alzheimer (NCSRF/2017/0274) Rs 1,350,000
    “Kosovo” Families Project Groupe Elan (NCSRF/2017/0539) Rs 970,230
    Provision of therapy through integrated mixed farming ASSOCIATION POUR LEDUCATION ET LA REHABILITATION DES PERSONNES AVEC DEFICIENCE INTELLECTUELLE (NCSRF/2017/0560) Rs 1,354,000
    Sensitization and skilling of young adults with intellectual disabilities in Mauritius Inclusion Mauritius (NCSRF/2017/0358) Rs 726,645
    Supporting the education of children and parents in pockets of poverty. Elles C Nous Association (NCSRF/2017/0331) Rs 905,000
    Giving a solid educational foundation to eighty children from Residence Kennedy and Bambous deprived areas, through the experiencial learning initiative so that the children are able to cope in the normal education system without any lagging behind resulting to failures. ELI Africa (NCSRF/2017/0330) Rs 520,000
    Capacity building of youth from vulnerable families through life skills management programs. Groupe A de Cassis (Lacaz A) (NCSRF/2017/0350) Rs 281,520
    Resource centre and specialised education units for children and other persons with Autism in Mauritius Autism Maurice (NCSRF/2017/0501) Rs 1,423,513
    Funding of the educational activities of the specialised school and the Hear Institute Association des Parents des Deficients Auditifs (APDA) (NCSRF/2017/0282) Rs 1,049,800
    Eco-knowledge for Smart Gen Leaders ALLIANCE FOR CHILDREN (NCSRF/2017/0267) Rs 702,500
    Provision of therapeutic activities and sheltered workshop programmes Friends in Hope (NCSRF/2017/0163) Rs 1,359,343
    Training in landscaping for youth from shelters L'Amicale Maurice Israel (NCSRF/2017/0369) Rs 24,000
    Physical development through sports and football Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Disability Services Centre (NCSRF/2017/0441) Rs 50,000
    Improving the quality of life of the elderly through provision of day-care services Soroptimist International IPSAE (Mauritius) (NCSRF/2017/0488) Rs 810,000
    Response to the growing needs of Substance abusers for treatment and rehabilitation programme and also to increase the number of prevention campaigns among the population Centre de Solidarité pour une nouvelle Vie (NCSRF/2017/0310) Rs 2,000,000
    Sports and Leisure Esperance Trebuchet Welfare Association (NCSRF/2017/0155) Rs 319,000
    Empowering families in distress through agriculture (aero-hydro-organic farming in green house) THE WAY TO LIGHT ASSOCIATION (NCSRF/2017/0534) Rs 550,000
    Support, improvement and development of the Care-Co Rehabilitation and Production Workshop in Rodrigues CARE- CO (Rodrigues) Co. Ltd (NCSRF/2017/0303) Rs 900,000
    Provision for better protection of socially excluded and abused children Association des Amis de Don Bosco (AADB) (NCSRF/2017/0280) Rs 720,000
    Enhancing the academic and development impact of the poor children of primary school Mouvement Bien etre de la Cite La Chaux (NCSRF/2017/0487) Rs 444,420
    Training of respite providers and carers for children and adults with a mental impairment Joie de Vivre Universelle (NCSRF/2017/0364) Rs 510,000
    Promotion of sports activities Pamplemousses Dolphin Swimming Club (NCSRF/2017/0421) Rs 175,000
    Treatment and rehabilitation of women suffering from alcohol addictions Etoile D'Esperance - Association Alcool Femmes (NCSRF/2017/0334) Rs 1,300,000
    The promotion of academic performance and social empowerment of 50 poor and needy children Association pour l’Accompagnement, la Rehabilitation et l’Insertion Sociale des Enfants (ARISE) (NCSRF/2017/0505) Rs 180,000
    Reducing poverty by providing professional training and follow-up in professional trade to marginalized MAISON FAMILIALE RURALE DU NORD (NCSRF/2017/0397) Rs 1,200,000
    Night Shelter for SDF CARITAS ILE MAURICE (NCSRF/2017/0304) Rs 3,000,000
    Operating and ensuring a safe haven with psychological, therapeutic and psychosocial services for the integral development, alleviation of distress and social reinsertion of children, youngsters & adults suffering from psychological disorders OpenMind (NCSRF/2017/0169) Rs 1,518,248
    Abilicare – T.R.E.E Academy Children Foundation (NCSRF/2017/0150) Rs 1,505,000
    Reintegration program for the drop-outs of the mainstream Association d’Alphabétisation de Fatima (NCSRF/2017/0278) Rs 2,880,000
    Rehabilitation, Economic Empowerment and Social Reintegration of homeless male in the mainstream in ARCH Centre Association Pour Personnes En larmes (A.P.P.E.L) (NCSRF/2017/0148) Rs 1,073,000
    Promoting harmonious development of children and adolescents and prevention of teenage pregnancies Action Familiale (NCSRF/2017/0261) Rs 2,117,170
    Lekipaz Youth Sceal (NCSRF/2017/0496) Rs 625,000
    Empowerment through literacy training Auxiliaire (NCSRF/2017/0149) Rs 975,000
    Club Mer Program Reef Conservation (NCSRF/2017/0171) Rs 600,000
    Psychological Support PEDOSTOP (NCSRF/2017/0170) Rs 771,000
    Empowering school drop outs for a second chance in life Oasis de Paix (NCSRF/2017/0168) Rs 3,000,000
    Ecole Technique St Joseph de Beau Bassin/Rose Hill Mouvement Social de la Jeunesse Mauricienne (MSJM) (NCSRF/2017/0167) Rs 1,008,000
    The 3 R “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” Mission Verte (NCSRF/2017/0166) Rs 845,250
    L’Ecole Familiale de L’Ouest Association de L'Ecole Familiale de L'Ouest (NCSRF/2017/0279) Rs 1,382,771
    Havre D’Avenir Le Croissant Bleu de Quatre-Bornes (NCSRF/2017/0375) Rs 2,053,125
    JA Its Tyme Junior Achievement Mascareignes (NCSRF/2017/0159) Rs 1,833,242
    JA Notre Quartier Junior Achievement Mascareignes (NCSRF/2017/0159) Rs 1,034,435
    Bringing support to children with disabilities I Can (NCSRF/2017/0161) Rs 665,480
    Viral hepatitism epidemics HepSupport (NCSRF/2017/0162) Rs 1,225,000
    Homes for children in difficulty and community support covering a range of social practices Etoile du Berger (NCSRF/2017/0335) Rs 1,260,375
    Mauritius Marine Guide Program Eco-Sud (NCSRF/2017/0153) Rs 1,075,365
    Capacity building of the main LGBT organisation in Mauritius Collectif Arc en Ciel (CAEC) (NCSRF/2017/0151) Rs 1,884,500
    To render persons with physical disabilities visible through the practice of sport and the organization of sport events Fraternité Mauricienne des Malades et Handicapés (FMMH) (NCSRF/2017/0109) Rs 1,766,425
    Raising awareness on child rights Childhope (NCSRF/2017/0104) Rs 297,000
    Women Empowerment Programme Mauritius Council of Social Service (MACOSS) (NCSRF/2017/0401) Rs 968,000
    Empowerment of vulnerable groups through informal training in values, lifeskills, and sustainable practices Sukhi Parivaar (Happy Family, Famille Heureuse) (NCSRF/2017/0449) Rs 500,000
    Shelter for victims of domestic violence SOS Femmes (NCSRF/2017/0126) Rs 3,000,000
    Health promotion among sex workers Parapli Rouz (NCSRF/2017/0124) Rs 609,000
    Handicap Universel Greenlife (NCSRF/2017/0112) Rs 255,000
    Setting up a computer room Societe Mauricienne pour la Protection de L'Enfant (SMPE) (NCSRF/2017/0442) Rs 721,000
    Youth Empowerment through a youth parliament Transparency Mauritius (NCSRF/2017/0136) Rs 379,625
    Medical Care and support to people living with HIV and key affected population Prevention Information et Lutte contre le Sida (PILS) (NCSRF/2017/0125) Rs 1,500,000
    Breast Cancer Awareness and Screening Project Link to Life (NCSRF/2017/0116) Rs 645,000
    Empowerment of young adults with disabilities in handicrafts Southern Handicapped Association (NCSRF/2017/0133) Rs 423,900
    Capacity building at the L.P. Govindramen Residential Care Home at Trois Boutiques, Union Vale Arya Sabha Mauritius (NCSRF/2017/0118) Rs 500,000
    Improvement of existing facilities for the deaf, rehabilitation, skills empowerment, human rights with regards to accesibility to the Mauritian sign language Society for the Welfare of the Deaf (NCSRF/2017/0129) Rs 856,250
    After School Club Media Watch Organisation (NCSRF/2017/0164) Rs 400,000
    Jeux de regard Sidina Mascarena (NCSRF/2017/0127) Rs 390,000
    Funding of salaries for special education needs school. Special Education Needs Society (SENS) (NCSRF/2017/0446) Rs 800,000
    Transforming the lives of tomorrows children SK Creations Club (NCSRF/2017/0140) Rs 400,000
    Enhancing the development, socialisation and empowerment of vulnerable adolescents, youth and adults of the community Mahebourg Espoir (NCSRF/2017/0019) Rs 3,000,000
    Educational support and training for poor and vulnerable children and their parents or guardians of the villages of Tamarinier, Carre d’As and Bougainvilliers in Black River Le Pont du Tamarinier (NCSRF/2017/0115) Rs 600,000
    Sustaining the activities of the Saturday Care Project Beau Bassin ABAIM (NCSRF/2017/0007) Rs 735,000
    Confident and participative children, collaborative educational environment and sustainable communities Terrain for Interactive Pedagogy through Arts (T.I.P.A) (NCSRF/2017/0134) Rs 1,500,000
    Reduction of number of suicides at National level Befrienders (NCSRF/2017/0010) Rs 354,172
    Decent toilets for the deprived persons “Phase 2” Groupe Pauvrete Le Morne Village (NCSRF/2017/0113) Rs 478,800
    Artisana ek koutir pou ed kree enn bon lavenir Bois Marchand Women's Association (NCSRF/2017/0099) Rs 320,000
    Loreto development centres as a catalyst to help vulnerable people stand on their own Loreto Institute (NCSRF/2017/0013) Rs 2,238,000
    Jose Therese Mo-zar project Mo'zar Espace Artistic (NCSRF/2017/0090) Rs 1,170,000
    Run Day Nursery & Accompagnement Scolaire Association Solidarite Mamans (NCSRF/2017/0073) Rs 1,159,200
    One year national campaign to sensitise citzens of our republic on elderly people’s rights Droits Humains Ocean Indien (DIS-MOI) (NCSRF/2017/0108) Rs 300,000
    Forward Green Revolution Committee for the Development of Medine/ Mont Ida (CDM) (NCSRF/2017/0152) Rs 1,585,000
    Learning with Nature prana life (NCSRF/2017/0158) Rs 1,500,000
    Installation of PV Solar panels for the production of renewable green energy for sustainability SOS Poverty (NCSRF/2017/0132) Rs 1,000,000
    Musical Support to pupils Vent d'Un Reve (NCSRF/2017/0138) Rs 129,835
    Sports Development Program Association Sportive Black Riverside (NCSRF/2017/0087) Rs 363,800
    Sport and leisure activities for adolescents and adults with moderate and severe disabilities Association de Parents d’enfants inadaptée de L’île Maurice(APEIM) (NCSRF/2017/0061) Rs 1,312,350
    Accomodation and residential care for abandoned/neglected children in SOS Children’s Village Beau Bassin including accommodation in family houses integrated in community SOS Children’s Village Mauritius (NCSRF/2017/0131) Rs 3,000,000
    Accomodation and residential care for abandoned/neglected children in SOS Children’s Village Bambous including accommodation in family houses integrated in community SOS Children’s Village Mauritius (NCSRF/2017/0131) Rs 3,000,000
    Rehabilitation of victims of abuse (physical, sexual,emotional and gross neglect) Centre d'Education et de Development pour les Enfants Mauricien (CEDEM) (NCSRF/2017/0101) Rs 846,000
    Purchase of 10 Syringe drivers/Desferal Pumps for lending to patients Thalassemia Society of Mauritius (NCSRF/2017/0135) Rs 300,000
    Purchasing items for breast cancer patients and sensibilising public about breast cancer Breast Cancer Care (NCSRF/2017/0100) Rs 637,882
    Enable a sick child to lead a normal life Society for Aid to Children Inoperable in Mauritius -SACIM (NCSRF/2017/0128) Rs 1,710,515
    Promoting Mental Health Awareness and Education in the community Mental Health Federation (NCSRF/2017/0120) Rs 600,000
    Community outreach for parents and patients with haemophilia and other bleeding disorders Haemophilia Association of Mauritius (HAM) (NCSRF/2017/0114) Rs 1,509,950
    Improving the quality of care and support of people who inject drugs (PWID) Dr Idrice Goomany Centre for the prevention and treatment of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction (NCSRF/2017/0107) Rs 1,126,725
    Managing and preventing type 2 diabetes: Community level interventions in vulnerable groups in pockets of poverty Diabetes Safeguard (NCSRF/2017/0106) Rs 872,700
    Promoting rehabilitation of major NCDs in Mauritius – National Awareness campaign Association of Physiotherapists (NCSRF/2017/0066) Rs 172,000
    Atelier nutrition: Programme d’education nutritionelle adaptee a la personne diabetique Association pour la Promotion pour la Sante (APSA International) (NCSRF/2017/0067) Rs 622,466
    Improving the quality of life of 29 adolescents and young adults with severe physical and intellectual disabilities by providing musico therapy services with specified musical instrument Association des Parents pour la Réhabilitation des Infirmes Moteurs (APRIM) (NCSRF/2017/0065) Rs 320,230
    Home Based physiotherapy sessions Muscular Dystrophy Association (NCSRF/2017/0122) Rs 1,405,300
    Self Help Project for the Disabled Person Cypres Handicapped Association (NCSRF/2017/0105) Rs 489,152
    To upgrade the quality of life of adults and children with special needs in Mauritius and Rodrigues through therapeutic interventions and activity based programmes Angel Special School & Welfare Association (NCSRF/2017/0063) Rs 849,850
    The GPL Special Education Needs Centre – Rodrigues Running costs & support Trevor Huddleston House for the Disabled (NCSRF/2017/0137) Rs 998,515
    Empowering adults for employment and improving the quality of life of the multiple disabled children Eastern Welfare Association for the Disabled (NCSRF/2017/0329) Rs 684,200
    Empowering young persons with disability through handicraft and gardening and ensuring the secure transportation of our pupils from their residence to the school and vice versa Association Des Malades et Handicapes de L’Est (NCSRF/2017/0064) Rs 684,800
    Promotion of health of disabled persons by early diagnosis, treatment, therapy and support for the families Association de Parents d’enfants inadaptée de L’île Maurice(APEIM) (NCSRF/2017/0061) Rs 1,663,775
    To develop a multidisciplinary team for the support of MMHA beneficiaries in Special Needs Education, Physical Education, Leisure, Environmental Studies and Partnership with parents Mauritius Mental Health Association – MMHA (NCSRF/2017/0492) Rs 1,168,980
    Jaipur Foot The Global Rainbow Foundation (NCSRF/2017/0457) Rs 1,500,000
    Enhancing therapy services offered at the Century Welfare Association Century Welfare Association (NCSRF/2017/0103) Rs 1,612,117
    Empowering people with epilepsy thro care, training and self-employability leading to their social integration Educational Development Youth Consultancy Services (EDYCS) - Epilepsy Group (NCSRF/2017/0154) Rs 1,000,000
    A safe haven Gender Links (NCSRF/2017/0111) Rs 871,100
    Upgrade level of teaching SENS Busy Bees (NCSRF/2017/0438) Rs 525,000
    Reading and writing for pleasure Association Mauricienne Pour La Lecture / Mauritian Reading Association (NCSRF/2017/0493) Rs 65,000
    Puericulture Child Care Creche / Child Care Mouvement d'Aide à la Maternité (MAM) (NCSRF/2017/0413) Rs 212,350
    The Social empowerment of 35 poor and vulnerable children living at Residence Malherbes and vicinity through remedial education, life skills education and other developmental activities Association Kontribition Positif Amenn Vision (NCSRF/2017/0290) Rs 781,465
    No children left behind Organisation ST Education de Roche Bois (NCSRF/2017/0123) Rs 260,000
    Training for social and professional inclusion of marginalised youth Maison Familiale Rurale de L'Est (NCSRF/2017/0394) Rs 500,000
    Education, Formation et Accompagnement pour tous Fraternité Nord Sud CAPA (NCSRF/2017/0110) Rs 560,340
    Financing of human resources salaries Batisseurs de Paix (NCSRF/2017/0092) Rs 1,000,000
    Apprendre Autrement Bois Marchand Ecole Sainte Famille Association (NCSRF/2017/0020) Rs 1,339,428
    Psychosocial support to vulnerable adolescents, their families and the Joie de Vivre school community Atelier de Formation Joie de Vivre (NCSRF/2017/0141) Rs 213,000
    Promoting reading and inculcate moral values through story telling to 300 vulnerable children aged between 6 and 11 years old in ten regions of Mauritius Centre des Dames Mourides (NCSRF/2017/0102) Rs 424,445
    Running of Special Needs School – Atelier du Savoir Fondation pour L'Enfance - Terre de Paix (NCSRF/2017/0001) Rs 1,124,675
    Running of early childhood centre – La Valette for children aged 0-8 years Fondation pour L'Enfance - Terre de Paix (NCSRF/2017/0001) Rs 1,686,280
    Optimising the learning through a breakfast support programme Adolescent Non-Formal Education Network (ANFEN) (NCSRF/2017/0062) Rs 788,720
    Employability skills development for vulnerable youths Youth Empowerment Forum (YEF) International (NCSRF/2017/0176) Rs 648,194
    Training Programs for Women Empowerment Muslim Educational Society (NCSRF/2017/0004) Rs 328,000
    Alleviation of poverty (Empowerment of women towards social progress) Mauritius Alliance of Women (NCSRF/2017/0117) Rs 40,000
    Mise en place d’une permanence psychologique et therapeutique pour les familles des quartiers defavorises Future Hope (NCSRF/2017/0139) Rs 655,400
    Supervised Micro Entrepreneurship Program for vulnerable women Community Development Programme Agency (NCSRF/2017/0142) Rs 427,648
    Setting up of a Rodriguan house ( lakaz Rodrigues – office) Solidarité Rodrigues (NCSRF/2017/0130) Rs 836,300
    School bac organic gardening projects for ten primary schools Mouvement pour Autosuffisance Alimentaire (MAA) (NCSRF/2017/0121) Rs 690,000
    Promote the rehabilitation and social integration of women in distress with drug related problems and victims of gender based violence by providing a safe residential haven. Chrysalide (NCSRF/2017/0024) Rs 1,717,800