About Us

Who We Are

The National Social Inclusion Foundation (NSIF) is the Central Body for receiving and allocating public funds to NGOs. The Foundation operates under the aegis of the Ministry of Social Integration, Social Security and National Solidarity.

The NSIF receives, manages and allocates CSR funds collected by the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) under Section 50L of the Income Tax Act and funds as may be appropriated by Government through the national budget.

The primary focus of the Foundation is to generate better social outcomes for the poor and vulnerable groups while ensuring accountability and transparency in the use of public funds.


To be a catalyst for change,
driving social inclusion, equity and sustainable development


To empower and improve the wellbeing of people living in conditions of poverty and vulnerability
through impactful and sustainable stakeholder partnerships

Our Core Values

The Foundation is committed to a principled way of working. Its mission and work are based on the following core values.

Professionalism, integrity and fairness

The Foundation upholds a professional, honest and ethical behaviour at all times. It gives fair treatment and consideration to everyone.

Accountability and transparency

The Foundation takes responsibility and is answerable to stakeholders for its policies decisions and actions. It is committed to disclosing in clear, accurate and complete manner its activities and performance.


The Foundation believes that more can be achieved by working together. Its work is grounded on the fundamental basis of effective collaboration with stakeholders.


The Foundation works with and through NGOs to deliver programmes that have a positive impact on the lives of the poor and vulnerable people.

Efficiency and Service

The Foundation is committed to provide a timely, responsive, efficient and high quality of service to stakeholders.

Respect and stakeholder engagement

The Foundation has due regard to the views and expectations of stakeholders and is committed to engaging with them in constructive dialogue.

What we do

The objects of the Foundation are to:

  • Undertake programmes and projects for the benefit of individuals and families registered under the Social Register of Mauritius and of vulnerable groups as defined in its Charter
  • Establish and update a register of NGOs/NPOs and allocate funds accordingly
  • Request and examine calls for proposals for the implementation of programmes and projects by NGOs/NPOs
  • Monitor and evaluate programmes and projects funded by the Foundation
  • Serve as a platform for coordination and communication among all stakeholders
  • Liaise with the relevant Ministries to facilitate implementation of programmes and projects by NGOs/NPOs
  • Promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2015-2030.

Strategic Goals

Ensure effectiveness of programmes and projects supported by the Foundation

Promote stakeholder collaboration and coordination

Empower NGOs to improve the impact and efficiency of their actions on the ground

Build and uphold a principled, professional and service-driven organisation culture and reputation