NGOs/Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs)

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for registration with the National Social Inclusion Foundation, an NGO/NPO should satisfy the following criteria:

  1. It should have a legal status and be registered in the Republic of Mauritius
  2. It should be run on a non-profit making basis
  3. It should have a governance structure respecting democratic principles, transparency and accountability
  4. It should have an adequate and proper bookkeeping system in place, with cash and bank accounts adequately controlled, spending properly authorised, and assets well managed
  5. It should not discriminate on the basis of race, place of origin, political opinion, colour, creed, gender or sexual orientation
  6. It should not be involved in non-qualifying activities as provided in the NSIF Charter

Application for Registration

Application for registration by an NGO/NPO should be made online. The application should be supported by copies of:

  • Its certificate of registration
  • Its statutes and by laws to highlight its non-profit making status
  • A list of current members of its governing body
  • An organisation chart to depict its staffing structure (e.g full time, part time, volunteers, sessional workers)
  • Certified/audited financial statements for the last two years preceding the application for registration and if necessary, supplementary notes on its annual income to indicate amount of funding disaggregated by source
  • Report on activities and/or projects completed over the last two years, to document its track record

The National Social Inclusion Foundation may, by written notice, request for originals of the above documents to be produced or any further document reasonably required for the purpose of considering the application.

Approval of Registration

The National Social Inclusion Foundation will approve the application of an NGO/NPO when it is satisfied that:

  • The application for registration complies with the eligibility criteria
  • All required documents have been submitted

Upon registration of an NGO/NPO, the National Social Inclusion Foundation will:

  • Publish the name of the organisation on its website
  • Assign a Registration Number to the NGO/NPO


  • An NGO/NPO which has been refused registration or which has been de-registered may appeal to the Council of the National Social Inclusion Foundation within 15 days of notification of such refusal and /or de-registration.