The Secretariat is the operational arm of the Council. It implements policies and decisions of the Council and carries out the day-to-day work of the Foundation. The Secretariat is led by the Secretary-General who is the chief executive officer of the Foundation supported by a senior management team, executive officers and administrative staff.


Secretary General
SOWDAGUR AjaySecretary General[email protected]
MOHIDEEN AzadFinance Manager[email protected]
LADEGOURDIE-RAVATON PriscillaProgramme Manager[email protected]
RAGOOBUR VishalResearch & Development Manager[email protected]
DABEECHARUN AmedeeProgramme Manager[email protected]
MAUMOONDEE-GALORE SarojaProgramme Manager[email protected]
SOHAN-BULLYWON RimaHuman Resource Manager[email protected]
NAECK VassenActing Director (Fortified Learning Environment Unit)[email protected]
Programme Officers
LE CHARTIER-JUGMOHUN SophieProgramme Officer[email protected]
BONNEFIN Thea CandiceProgramme Officer[email protected]
NAIDOO TrishneeProgramme Officer[email protected]
GUNESH SurajProgramme Officer[email protected]
BUNDHOO NehaProgramme Officer[email protected]
DAJEE-TATTEA HemanginiProgramme Officer[email protected]
TANGMAN PODIAPEN JenniferProgramme Officer[email protected]
LO HUN MEKEN SandrineProgramme Officer[email protected]
MARTINGALE AnouchkaProgramme Officer [email protected]
RAMESSUR AmritdassProgramme Officer [email protected]
RAMCHUNDER ReyanProgramme Officer[email protected]
POLIAH Ritesh RaoProgramme Officer[email protected]
RUGHOONAUTH HemantProgramme Officer[email protected]
IT Officer
OOGUR Nishal KoomarIT Officer[email protected]
Finance Officers
CASSIM NafisahFinance Officer[email protected]
POMOSAWMY HemlakumaranFinance Officer[email protected]
Research Officer
TENGUR DrishtaResearch Officer[email protected]
Human Resource Officer
PURMESSUR LeewawteeHuman Resource Officer[email protected]
Administrative Staff
JHUGROO NishtaAdministrative Assistant[email protected]
PEERBUX PEERBACCUS ReezwanahAdministrative Assistant (Fortified Learning Environment Unit)[email protected]
BUNDHOO DeepaConfidential Secretary[email protected]
GENGUDU AlvinaGeneral Executive[email protected]
BUNGSY Coomaree PadmawteeGeneral Executive (Fortified Learning Environment Unit)[email protected]
DAMOO BenazirGeneral Executive[email protected]
LUCHMUN NistaGeneral Executive[email protected]
RESAL Bibi SharinGeneral Executive[email protected]
RAMKAILAHUN AnishaGeneral Executive (Fortified Learning Environment Unit)[email protected]
RAMNAUTH ArjunGeneral Executive (Fortified Learning Environment Unit)[email protected]
SEEBORUN YoveenaGeneral Executive (Fortified Learning Environment Unit)[email protected]
SEERUTTUN PriyaGeneral Executive (Fortified Learning Environment Unit)[email protected]
VILMONT StephanieGeneral Executive[email protected]
KHETUR MEETOO KurstinaCustomer Care Officer[email protected]
BHUROSAH VanishreeOffice Attendant
ELAHEEBOCUS AreedOffice Attendant
MANDAREE FawezOffice Attendant (Fortified Learning Environment Unit)