Outcome of the Assessment of Proposals

Funding Applications Received

  • The National CSR Foundation received 407 applications for funding under the General Call for Proposals 2018.
  • Funding requests were made by 249 organisations for a total amount of Rs761 million.


  • The assessment exercise was carried out in accordance with the “Policy and Guidelines for Funding” and “Guidelines for Assessment of Proposals and Award of Funding” approved by Council.

Eligibility and Administrative Checks

  • Following a first screening, 387 proposals were retained for the Technical Assessment.
  • 20 proposals from 13 organisations did not clear the Eligibility and Administrative Checks.

Technical Assessment Criteria and Marking

The Technical Assessment and marking of proposals were based on an Assessment Grid comprising the following criteria and scores:

Criteria Maximum Score
Relevance 20
Effectiveness 20
Efficiency 20
Impact 20
Sustainability 20
Maximum Total Score 100


  1. Approval for funding were based on the overall Technical Assessment score attained by each proposal.
  2. In a first instance, 224 proposals have been considered funding. The maximum indicative amount approved is Rs 224,322,161.
  3. 74 proposals have not attained the threshold for funding. Applicants shall be convened for a meeting for feedback and guidance.They will also be informed of their right to appeal to an independent Funding Appeals Committee.
  4. 89 proposals may potentially be considered for funding after major revisions and resubmission subject to the availability of funds.

Way Forward

Following approval of the recommendations by the Council of the National CSR Foundation,

  • Applicants have been informed of the outcome of their proposals; and
  • The Foundation will be engaging discussion shortly with all applicants.
  • A list of funded projects will be posted on our website as soon as the individual “Funding Contract Agreements” are signed.

Number of Proposals and Amount Approved by Priority Area as at Nov 2018

Guidelines for Assessment of Proposals and Award of Funding

This document sets out the guidelines and processes to be followed
for assessing proposals received under General and
Specific Calls for Proposals and the award of funding by the National CSR Foundation.