Interior Design Consultant

The deadline for submission is Wednesday 30 November 2022.

The National Social Inclusion Foundation (NSIF) is the central body to receive and allocate public funds to NGOs. The Foundation operates under the aegis of the Ministry of Social Integration, Social Security and National Solidarity.

The Foundation seeks to enlist the services of a Consultant to advise on interior design and aesthetics of Residential Care Institutions (RCIs) funded by the NSIF and the office space of the Foundation.

The consultant is expected to:

  1. To advise on design concept, interior decoration and aesthetic of Residential Care Institutions (RCIs)
  2. To follow up the implementation of renovation projects of RCIs funded by the NSIF
  3. To advise on interior design and layout planning of the NSIF’s office space

Proposals should include a detailed CV and other relevant documentations showing the qualifications of the Consultant and experience of previous design works undertaken. Applicants should also provide an indication of consultancy fees to be charged per hour. It is expected that the Consultant should have some knowledge of health and safety.

Interested applicants are requested to submit their proposals by email at [email protected].