Flag Raising Ceremony at Oasis de Paix

Hon. Alain WONG, M.S.K., Minister of Social Integration and Economic Empowerment was present at Ecole Pere Henri Souchon – Oasis de Paix, Pointe aux Sables to celebrate the 51st anniversary of
Independence and the 27th anniversary of the Republic of Mauritius.

The Flag raising ceremony was held on Monday 11 March 2019 at 10 a.m. in the presence of Mr Amedee Poupard, President and Mrs Monique Leung, Director of Oasis de Paix together with staff
members and students of Ecole Pere Henri Souchon.

Oasis de Paix is an NGO founded by late Father Henri Souchon and Mrs Monique Leung in February 2006.

Ecole Pere Henri Souchon which is run by the organisation has a student population of 185 boys and girls aged between 9 to 17 years old. They come mostly from poor and vulnerable families living in the surrounding areas of the capital and from regions as far as Camp Levieux, Ste Hilaire and St Hubert.

The programmes of Oasis de Paix are supported by the National CSR Foundation. Funds amounting to Rs 3 million and Rs 5.9 million have been approved under the General Call for Proposals in 2017
and 2018 respectively.