NSIF 5-Year Anniversary Partnership Forum

NSIF 5-Year Anniversary Partnership Forum

The National Social Inclusion Foundation held a Partnership Forum on Thursday 8 December 2022 to mark its 5-year anniversary.

The Forum was an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the NSIF with its key partners and stakeholders and to help define its strategies going forward for the next 5 years. The objectives of the event were as follows.

  • To present key achievements and impact of the Foundation since 2017
  • To discuss pathways for consolidation of the national role and contribution of the NSIF within the broader Mauritian social protection system and in advancing social inclusion and SDGs
  • To hold a consultative dialogue with partners and stakeholders around the strategic goals of the Foundation, revisiting the strategies of the Foundation, identifying opportunities and challenges and defining future actions
  • To provide for a platform for networking with the participation of representatives of the public sector, private sector and NGOs

More than 100 participants attended the Partnership Forum held at the Hennessy Park Hotel, Ebene. Discussions took place in a world café format and focused on themes relating to the 4 strategic goals of the Foundation, namely:

  • Ensure effectiveness of programmes and projects supported by the Foundation
  • Promote stakeholder collaboration and coordination
  • Empower NGOs to improve the impact and efficiency of their actions on the ground
  • Build and uphold a principled, professional and service-driven organisation culture and reputation

Proposals gathered during the Forum will be used to inform future actions of the Foundation and the review of its strategic plan.