Workshop on Promoting Ethical Practices

The National CSR Foundation participated in a workshop themed ‘Promoting Ethical Practices by Managing Committees of NGOs working for Children’ organised by ICAC and the Ombudsperson for Children’s Office on Tuesday 30 April 2019.

The event, held at ICAC Headquarters, Reduit, brought together around 100 representatives of NGOs working with children for exchanges on governance and ethical practices in NGOs. The programme included presentations by ICAC, the Ombudsperson for Children and the National CSR Foundation.

Addressing the audience during the opening ceremony, Mr Medavy Munien, Chairperson of the National CSR Foundation, stressed the importance of working together in partnership with all stakeholders to build governance capacity in the NGO sector. He laid emphasis on key aspects of good governance, namely, responsibility, transparency, integrity and trust.